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Updated: Jun 1, 2022


On some level, don't we all feel like this?

This life is exhausting, especially the last 2.5 years. Sounds like we all need to stay prepared. For what? For whatever. Stewing, panicking, and doing nothing will not change anything. You must stay active. You need to revisit your plan, or revise the old one, or create a new one.

Obviously no one has the best insight into the exact plan we all need to follow, including myself. To the latter point, I'm confident that my "plans" are subject to as much scrutiny as the next persons'. But I refuse to let the unknowns dictate my path, and you should feel the same.

The first hurdle is conquering being overwhelmed. This can halt any gumption towards progress. So how can we get unstuck? Below are some resources to consider:

You're bound to find something within these articles to get moving again. And if you take nothing else from these authors, remember this poignant quote from world renowned Russian writer Leo Tolstoy:

This is a perfect transition into the art of speaking and preparing a presentation. The little things can move your keynote from OK to memorable. A slight change in tone at a pinnacle point, placing your hands/gesturing differently, cutting a section down or extending another. As I demonstrate in my workshops, these are not complete overhauls, they are small, intentional and impactful tweaks.

As a presenter, you must remember that whatever you're dealing with prior to taking the stage, must be "left at the door." The audience is there for an experience and you must deliver that for them regardless of how you feel/how you're doing. As is the same for moments in our lives that seem unmanageable. The stressors and unknown variables cannot keep us from being good parents, spouses, or friends, from being productive at work and as citizens. Prepare to deliver despite.

Keep moving forward, even if incrementally, because, whether you're aware of it or not, someone is counting on you to deliver. And there is a no greater feeling than knowing your efforts can change someone for the better.

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