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What We Offer

Your audience deserves an experience to remember. If you have an upcoming conference, charity event, or company party, our world-class talent will ensure your message is conveyed and attendees are entertained.

The Talent

Each of these stage-loving individuals comes with our highest recommendations.

Brandon Ethridge
Musician, Social Media Sensation

Brandon Ethridge is a pianist, conductor, composer, music director, Broadway musician, and creator of the #MusicalMemes.  His appearances on American Idol, CBS Sports, and Broadway have attracted millions of followers to his work and social media platforms.  Book Brandon to bring your team together and push your creative limits in a truly unique musical experience!

Brandon Ethridge with keyboard and guitar

Rosie Ward, PhD.
CEO, Speaker, Author, Coach

Dr. Rosie Ward is a renowned keynote speaker, award-winning author, and host of an acclaimed podcast. With a passion for rehumanizing workplaces, she empowers individuals at every level to emerge as brave leaders. Her expertise transcends roles, as she guides and supports people in fostering environments where humanity and leadership intertwine seamlessly. Dr. Ward's impactful talks and insightful writings have garnered both awards and widespread acclaim, making her a sought-after voice in the realm of workplace transformation.

Mario Bonds
Singer, Author, Activist

Made famous by Oxygen Network's The Glee Project, Mario Arnauz Bonds overcame a childhood marked by blindness, abuse, and abandonment to become a sought-after motivational speaker and singer-song writer. He brings a one of kind performance that moves audiences and organizational change!

Mario Bonds singing into microphone

Hakeem Rahim, Ed.M., M.A.
CEO, Inspirational Speaker, Advocate

Hakeem is not your typical motivational speaker. He doesn’t believe in giving speeches that get everyone excited for 30 minutes, but the moment they leave, all that energy leaves too. Hakeem believes that there is just as much motivation in our lows as there is in our highs. He knows that he may be speaking directly to students and adults in his audience and that is exactly the point; when you are down you need to see that there is a way out. He looks forward to sharing his journey to motivate your audience from the inside out.

David Granirer
Comedian, Therapist

David Granirer is a counsellor, stand-up comic, and the author of The Happy Neurotic: How Fear and Angst can lead to Happiness and Success. He is the founder of Stand Up For Mental Health, an innovative mental health awareness program that has fascinated audiences across North America and Australia.  Book David for guaranteed laughs and a learning experience.

David Granirer

Dr. Brenda Combs
Activist, Author, Performer

From homeless to social services hero, Dr. Combs is an ambassador of inspiration! Her journey, captured in her harrowing memoir, Finding My Shoes, has received national coverage, including an article in Reader’s Digest, and interviews on CNN News and NBC.



Top Speaker & Author


"I have worked with Paul Kreiter for many years and have found his knowledge of the art of speaking to be without parallel. His tips and instruction have been invaluable to me in continually upgrading my ability to engage my keynote audiences. I high recommend him highly."


Best Selling Author, Speaker

“Paul coached me to give a presentation to a global brand…the response was brilliant and empowering.”

Mike Veny, CEO. Speaker, Performer

dave ryder.jpg

Dave Ryder, Principal, Event Planner

"The critical element to our event success was Paul’s immediate response and follow-through allowing us to contract with poingant keynote speakers when others would sometimes take weeks.  No other talent manager can displace Paul. The man gets it.  He just gets it."
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