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5: What's That Musky Odor? The Top 5 Scariest Presentations You'll Ever Witness!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Rotting corpses in a old graveyard? The cauldron of an evil witch?! The hidden creatures on the unknown path in the spooky forest??!! No need to run and hide; that musky odor comes from none other than Tesla and SpaceX's entrepreneur, philanthropist, and billionaire Elon Musk.

The fated day was November 21, 2019, when Musk unveiled the Tesla Cyber Truck, his vision for a rugged yet sleek SUV/truck future. The pomp and circumstance surrounding the moment would suggest we were all in for a real TREAT, but, alas, the nightmare to come was only getting started to TRICK us all! The future maybe is the scariest thing out there!!

There are so many horrifying things about this, but it's not just the terrifying blunder that ensues. It's also Musk himself. For someone with his finger on the futurist pulse of technology, he sure doesn't seem too jazzed up about it in this demonstration; his demeanor and energy level don't match the moment. This dissonance is almost as frightening as the awkward reveal of new truck.


  • If you're going to put on a show, bring your energy level up to the task. Musk mumbles through most of his speaking role, doesn't seem to care much in his delivery, and is relying heavily on the stunts he's "prepared."

  • If you're performance includes gimmicks and props, be sure you've got the act down. Rehearse, test, rehearse, test

Be safe and smart out there!

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