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Deb Smolensky 

Best Selling Author, Workplace Wellness Expert

Alex Tremble
Founder & CEO GPS Leadership Solutions LLC.

Mike Veny

CEO, Best Selling Author, and Wellness Expert

Richard Harris
Business Consultant, The Harris Consulting Group

Hakeem Rahim

Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Expert

Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor
Award Winning Actor, Educator

"I had the fortune to have Paul be my agent and speaking coach over the years.  His knowledge of speaking and more important, storytelling, is perfect.


Paul has an innate sense of how to bring the real facts forth in a speech in a bright and human context.  He gets the audience and speaker aligned in a true moment to moment relationship.  Under his sure hand, the speech doesn’t sound like a speech, the speaker doesn't sound like a speaker-in short, a real human event takes shape and a conversation is allowed to happen.  Paul's speakers don't talk AT and audience, they talk TO the audience.


As a speaker I have learned so much from Paul-like a master chef, he has taught me how and where to place each ingredient, what to highlight, what, candidly, to throw away.  I trust him implicitly.


Paul loves people and learning.  This is the recipe that makes a great coach and person.  He has made me an effective lecturer with his steady and helpful notes and advice.  I have thrived under his wonderful instruction.  He is a man with a great future.  I recommend Paul, my mentor and friend, wholeheartedly."

Sean Astin Headshot

Sean Astin
Award Winning Actor

“Working with Paul was a natural extension from the many years he represented me as a speaker on the circuit. We had a chemistry and easy working rapport. Paul was sensitive to my style and adapted his guidance to my quirks and approach.


All in, Paul's basic approach to structure was what I really needed help with and he provided it. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an objective, trained and effective assistance from a coach.”

Jas Rawlinson

Jas Rawlinson
Best-Selling Author, Book Coach, Resilience Advocate

"Paul is a genius when it comes to storytelling and presentation strategy. I recently had a coaching session with Paul to help prepare me for a TEDx talk I had been selected to give, and in the space of 1 hour, he was able to help me come up with a powerful introduction, and gain clarity on how to structure the rest of the talk around my chosen stories/topics. He definitely challenged me to think in new ways about how to make my presentation really pop. Thanks Paul!"

Sean Astin
Star Laurie Davis Edwards

Star (Laurie Davis Edwards)
Founder & CEO eFlirt, The Digital Dating Experts

"When I was asked to speak at TEDx, I thought I had it all figured out...until I didn't.  Though I spent many hours in front of the camera on national morning shows and the evening news, the only "talks" I had experience with were at intimate events without a stage or even much of an agenda.  I felt completely paralyzed by how craft 18 minutes of content on stage.  So I hired Paul as my speaking coach. He understood me and my unique business quickly -- after only one hour on the phone, we had a clear direction of where I should take with my talk and a rough outline.  As a speaking coach, Paul tackles the presentation from a multitude of angels: from speech outline after outline, the application of meaningful tone inflections, addition of staging and audio visuals, he taught me how to present in a way that wasn't just giving advice, but fully engage the audience in a captivating way.  With Paul as my speaking coach, I became a storyteller, not merely an expert. And we'll absolutely continue to work together because though Paul taught me so much, I know there is more of his knowledge to absorb."

David Sheff

David Sheff
New York Times

Best-Selling Author

"Paul Kreiter is a master speaking coach who understands the challenges of public speaking. Paul gently guides speakers to find the best in themselves and gain confidence. He respects writers and helps us refine our message and communicate it with the utmost effectiveness."

Todd Caponi

Todd Caponi
Award Winning Author, Entrepreneur

"In a very short period of time, Paul helped me find my stories, increase the impact of my talks, and drive higher audience engagement. He’s the coach I wish I could have had earlier in my career. Whether you’re looking to develop a skill, hone your craft or extend your lead, I highly recommend Paul."

Jess Cohen

Jess Cohen
Senior Sales Associate, Gibson Sotheby's International Realty

"Paul will get you to look your best. He is meticulous with the details, but always keeps his eye on the bigger picture. Also, he's fun to work with! With Paul as your speaking coach, you know he cares; it is evident in every interaction with him. I recommend Paul with great confidence to my clients, students, and friends who would benefit from better presentation and communication skills."

Rishi Narayan

Rishi Narayan
Entrepreneur, Investor

"Normally associated with stress and anxiety, Paul makes the process behind public speaking comfortable and easy to follow.  His easygoing nature and natural storytelling ability leads you down the road of effective and impactful speaking".

Grant Kilingsworth

Grant Killingsworth
SVP CBRE Commercial Real Estate

"The real commercial estate profession is one where staying ahead of the competition and presenting well is critical.  If I can't hold an audience’s attention, I may lose the opportunity to the next guy!  Since working with Paul I have learned skills that have increased my confidence and creativity when in front of clients, or prospecting on the phone and in email.  His coaching was great to help me work on my communication/presentation skills, and I would work with him again anytime I have a key presentation to prepare for."

Sara Moscoto Howe

Sara Howe
CEO Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, Sr. Advisor Third Horizon Strategies

"I have worked with Paul Kreiter for more than a decade on talent acquisition for numerous events for multiple non-profit organizations. Paul has a unique ability to understand the needs of the organization, the goals of the event and the audience to find the right speaker who makes the event successful. Anyone can sell a big name or a speaker. Paul has never done that. He has taken the time to listen to me and understand our needs and thoughtfully present multiple possibilities. Every event that has had a speaker recommended by Paul has earned me rave reviews! There is no one else I want to work with in creating a successful event. His passion for working with people is evident and his commitment to his clients is unmatched. He is one of the best in the business."

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts
Senior Account Executive, Digital Products Expert

"After working with Paul for several weeks he helped me transform as a sales executive in a number of ways.  He reimagined my slide deck, guided me how to be better at telling relevant/powerful customer stories, showed me how to deliver a more engaging sales presentation, and fine tuned content to better articulate the value of Checkr.  Overall he helped me create a more memorable experience for customers.  Paul even went as far to bring in fresh ideas during the preparation for some important sales meetings with large enterprise brands that turned into big wins."

Julian Stauffer

Julian Stauffer
CEO at Waldner North America Packaging Technologies

"As a CEO I am often tasked with being the face and voice of my company; which means I present on my company's behalf often.  I have never been very comfortable as a featured speaker, which of course complicates my role.  Unlike other corporate communications programs I have considered, Paul Kreiter's method helped me immeasurably with an important live speaking event.  He customized his coaching plan for my particular strengths and weaknesses, he didn't force hours of formulas and paperwork into the process, and he was able to shape my content and guide my presentation slide design in quick and creative ways.  He created a friendly, no judgment zone so I could achieve my goals at a comfortable pace.  I intend to work with him on an ongoing basis to clearly deliver my company's message in all sorts of mediums and to continue to bolster my confidence in my presenter skills."

Dave A. Ryder

Dave A. Ryder, MBA
Managing Director, Principal Veer Consulting Conference Management

"Paul has been an exceptionally important part of my company’s supplier base for at least 10 years when he began helping Veer Consulting Conference Management secure nationally-recognized and sometimes reclusive speakers for professional development conferences.  The critical element to our success was Paul’s immediate response and follow-through allowing us to contract with keynote speakers when others would sometimes take weeks.  His recognition of the importance of our partnership created an awe-inspiring reputation for Veer among clients with quick, thorough, and complete contracting of the speakers.  While other organizations would solicit Veer’s business, they could not possibly displace my “brother” Paul from first position as a partner in professional development.  The man gets it.  He just gets it."

Scott Emalfarb

Scott Emalfarb
CEO and Founder of Fresh Content Society

"With an up and coming social media campaign strategy business, I knew I needed to differentiate FCS from our many competitors.  We were confidence in our products and services, but less so on WHY it all mattered, to our clients and to ourselves. That's where Paul stepped in.  The brand story he crafted for us, and with me directly in several one on one sessions, gave us the messaging we needed to stand out.  He redesigned our pitch deck and gave us a clear directive for the stories we should be telling, from the top of our organization down.  He went above and beyond to get to know us and give us outstanding material."

Regina Louise

Regina Louise
Principal at Kick-Ass Headquarters; Writer, Artist

"Not only have I had the pleasure of having Paul as a speaking agent during his tenure at APB, but more recently as a speaking coach. Paul’s well-designed approach encouraged me to do something I’d never done before, and that is to take an organized approach to my presentations.

What I mean by this is that I am, and have always been a speaker inspired by extemporaneous expression, I trust my gut to lead me into what I am hired to do.

But, Paul coached me to give a presentation to a global brand, which was different from the nonprofits I was accustomed to working with. The response from the buyer of my services was both brilliant and empowering.

Paul is from here on out my go to, a must-have service for any and all of my speaking endeavors.”

Brian Cuban

Brian Cuban
Attorney, Author, Mental Health Advocate

"I have worked with Paul Kreiter for many years and have found his knowledge of the art of speaking to be without parallel. His tips and instruction have been invaluable to me in continually upgrading my ability to engage my keynote audiences. I high recommend him highly."

Frank Zaccari

Frank Zaccari
CEO Life Altering Events, LLC

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed our training session. I incorporated many of your suggestions for the keynote address I gave at the celebration of India's 75th Year of Independence. The talk was very well received and is leading to invitations to be a guest on a number of podcasts. "

Oliver Stauffer

Oliver Stauffer
CEO Packing Technologies & Inspection

"Paul worked with a significant portion of our client facing team. He elevated their presentation performance and overall confidence in managing the client setting. His contribution has had a lasting impact with the team."

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