Jeffrey Tambor

Award Winning Actor, Educator

"I had the fortune to have Paul be my agent and speaking coach over the years.  His knowledge of speaking and more important, storytelling, is perfect.


Paul has an innate sense of how to bring the real facts forth in a speech in a bright and human context.  He gets the audience and speaker aligned in a true moment to moment relationship.  Under his sure hand, the speech doesn’t sound like a speech, the speaker doesn't sound like a speaker-in short, a real human event takes shape and a conversation is allowed to happen.  Paul's speakers don't talk AT and audience, they talk TO the audience.


As a speaker I have learned so much from Paul-like a master chef, he has taught me how and where to place each ingredient, what to highlight, what, candidly, to throw away.  I trust him implicitly.


Paul loves people and learning.  This is the recipe that makes a great coach and person.  He has made me an effective lecturer with his steady and helpful notes and advice.  I have thrived under his wonderful instruction.  He is a man with a great future.  I recommend Paul, my mentor and friend, wholeheartedly."