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Our Why


Our Mission
Aware that tomorrow is not promised, Kreiter Creatives strives to give our all to those around us. In the ever-evolving post-pandemic landscape, we remain deeply attuned to the needs of our clients and fluctuations in the entertainment industry. We help you epitomize every minute of your speaking event, conversation, or presentation–so you can share the amazing value and skills you already have to offer.
Meet Paul
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Time is fleeting, and every moment holds the potential for significance. I learned this early on, having navigated and triumphed over childhood cancer (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). Since then, I've dedicated myself to discovering ways to infuse life with sweetness, vibrancy, and meaning. This first looked like my various careers in social services, education, and the performing arts, and now it looks like my work as a brand storytelling specialist.


If there’s anything I know, it’s that each opportunity to communicate is a unique gift. After all, many interactions are fleeting, and we don’t always know where someone has come from and where they are going. We only have that one moment to communicate with them in the hopes of making a positive impact.


It’s my pleasure to help you find your voice and your story, so we make every interaction a great one.


Q: Why choose Kreiter Creatives?

A: We help you craft a compelling message and present it like a professional. With our wide range of coaching and storytelling services, we act as the ultimate hub for all your messaging, presentation, and audience engagement needs. What’s more, our team harnesses over two decades of expertise in the realms of performing arts, education, and entertainment to help you boost your speaking skills and exceed your audience’s expectations.

Q: What sets Kreiter Creatives apart from other agencies?

A: We are speaking industry and communication experts who are fully committed to you and your brand’s success. Rather than giving you formulaic answers to your storytelling questions, we do a deep dive into your unique history, skill set, and ideas before helping you improve your message. This tailored approach is the key to showcasing your unique value to your unique audience, so you make an impression that lasts.

Q: Who uses Kreiter Creatives?

A: We work with activists, authors, public speakers, executives, sales people, entire business teams, entrepreneurs, talent, and more. Whether you’re looking to share your brand or boost your business (or both), we can help you do just that.

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