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Image by Benjamin Suter


With a warm approach and a sense of humor, I create a comfortable coaching environment for you to transform into a memorable storyteller.


Hi! I'm Paul.  Chicagoland-based CEO, brand story designer and talent agent.  I'm a proud (and exhausted) Father of two silly boys, and lucky husband.  A hoot at trivia night, because I know all the random 90's Rom-Com crap, or because I know jack squat but am the first to refill the drinks. 


a bit dRAMATIC

I've always been a ham; from nursery school concerts through college theatre and drama, I'd jump at the chance to act, sing, or do improv.  It's no wonder where I am today.  

right-brain creative

I'm compelled to act by what moves me, not by a formulaic regimen.  With over 20 year’s experience in the arts, community services, and talent management, I fully understand the power of stories and how to reach all kinds of audiences.     


And, while I believe we all have a story to tell, I know most fail to effectively communicate their message.  This is why I started Kreiter Creatives; if you have a story, I'll help you tell it!   Because, as a performer, there's no greater joy than captivating an audience.  Together, we'll find your voice and develop your story  so you can impactfully communicate your message

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