Find your voice. Craft your message.

Deliver your story. Be memorable.

Learn to captivate audiences with amazing stories and presentations that wholly define your brand, in a stress-free, cost and time effective consulting experience.

So, you have something to say: about Life, about Business, about Love. Great! But so do thousands of others. 


Your job requires you to present your ideas clearly, but keeping it fresh, engaging, and commanding the room is challenging, particularly in a virtual environment.


An effective communicator is a dynamic storyteller who grab listeners' attention.  This is where I come in.  ​

Through creative and relationship-focused consulting, we'll nurture your ideas with a transformative process producing two distinct outcomes:
A unique and poignant brand narrative and content.
A unique you: once a routine presenter, now a dynamic Artisan Storyteller, who is able to illuminate ideas and craft memorable experiences for any audience!  

Wow your customers, render conference rooms speechless, and leave your audiences wanting more!


1 on 1 Coaching

Virtual Preparation

Brand Consulting

Eustacia Cutler,

Writer and Humanitarian

Paul Kreiter has spotted the need for individual presentation mentorship; he knows performance technique and he knows how to help individuals develop it.  Those who come under his tutelage will be the lucky ones!

Jeffrey Tambor,

Award Winning Actor

Paul Kreiter has taught me how and where to place each ingredient, what to highlight, what, candidly, to throw away.  His knowledge of speaking and more important, storytelling, is perfect.  

David Sheff,

NYT's Best Selling Author

Paul Kreiter is a master speaking coach, who understands writers and helps us refine our message and communicate it with the utmost effectiveness.