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Star (Laurie Davis Edwards)
Founder & CEO of eFlirt

I felt completely paralyzed by how to craft TEDx content. But Paul Kreiter understood me quickly, tackled the presentation from a multitude of angles, and taught me how to fully engage the audience.

Jeffrey Tambor,
Award Winning Actor

Paul Kreiter has taught me how and where to place each ingredient, what to highlight, what, candidly, to throw away.  His knowledge of speaking and more important, storytelling, is perfect.  

Mike Veny
CEO at


Since Paul became my agent and coach, I have seen an increase in my speaking fees and bookings. Most importantly, Paul values relationships...real relationships which is so refreshing

Todd Caponi
CEO, Founder Sales Melon


Paul is the coach I wish I could have had earlier in my career. Whether you’re looking to develop a skill, hone your craft or extend your lead.

I'm Paul, and I love stories.

This is my "tasty" approach to presentation storytelling.

Audiences love stories. 

This is the key to great presentations. 

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Do these stories sound familiar?

C-Suite executives must deliver demanding presentations!

Marketing is stellar, products are great, but customer-facing teams need work.

Professional speakers need to separate themselves from the competition.

Presenting isn't an occupational hazard.

It should excite you.

Because it's your chance to reach your audience!   

It's time to re-think your role as presenter and become a performer!

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