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At Kreiter Creatives, we believe telling a memorable story is much like serving a tasty dish: the recipe and presentation matters!  Our "Back Pocket Stories" are designed with our "Sandwich Method" recipe, yielding delicious and reliable brand narratives and performances guaranteed to captivate your target audience.

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The Recipe For Success

Imagine you're an artisan chef crafting the ultimate sandwich. Each layer, from the crusty bread to the rich fillings and savory spreads, melds together for that perfect bite. Feel that satisfaction? That's the sensation we at Kreiter Creatives deliver when your audience indulges in your story. We handcraft a delectable “Back Pocket Story” for you, ready to serve and enthrall any audience, anytime, anywhere.

For us, storytelling isn’t just an act. It's an artistic recipe, and we're here to serve your story with an artisan's touch. Your narrative deserves nothing less. Let us help you share your unique gift with the world.

What Clients Say


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"Paul's approach to structure was what I really needed help with and he provided it. I would recommend him to anyone."

Sean Astin, Award-Winning Actor

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