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Perform On New Stages


Transform Your Act With Back Pocket Storytelling

From your perspective, you probably believe your art/medium/performance speaks for itself.  However, if you want new opportunities to inspire audiences, you need to transform your art into an experience that ensures audience engagement.  By infusing our "Back Pocket" storytelling structure with your talent, you'll have an act event planners and their audiences will never forget.

The Speaking Industry Needs You

Audiences are tired of status quo lectures, panel discussions, and breakout sessions.  By pairing your incredible talent with your "Back Pocket" WHY story, you'll be well-positioned for lucrative event opportunities and inspire audiences with unique programming.  Kreiter Creatives will develop your art into a one-person show, with customizable content for conferences, fundraisers, galas, trade shows, and more!

Black and white rearview image of seated crowd
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