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Clear and Direct Messaging: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Imagine you've wondered into the middle of the woods. In every direction you're surrounded by enormous trees with sprawling branches and leaves. You're on a path but you’re lost and you have no map. It's an unsettling feeling. How will you get out?!

You think about your options: One; stay put and panic, make no progress or effort to change your predicament. Two; decide you're on the wrong path, and make your own through the thicket and rocky footholds risking scraps, sprained ankles, and swollen feet.

Or Three; calm down, focus, and remember, that despite your anxieties and confusion, you’re not as isolated as you think. Rangers and hikers frequent the trail, and they trained to keep tabs on folks like you. In fact they've been on a parallel path just over a clearing, and they see you're distressed. They know these woods like the back of the back of their hand and are on their way to guide you out, safely and quickly.

It’s difficult, sometimes impossible, to see the forest through the trees. And you may feel this way when trying to structure your presentation, craft your message, or tell your story: you feel trapped in writer’s block, you delete your documents out of panic, and you give up altogether in frustration. So, let someone help you, with their giant machete, clear a path. This is what I do as a speaking coach. I'm not stuck on your path in your forest. I’m the ranger perched in a lookout post high above the trees and have a clear view of the way out. And I can see you, hands on your hips, hollering, and frustrated, and I’m coming to help, with a giant machete :).


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Paul D. Kreiter, M.Ed. – Speaking Coach

Highland Park, IL 60035


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