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Presentation coaching that transforms everyday communicators to into extraordinary performers who can reach any audience and every client.

Paul Kreiter & Kreiter Creatives

Paul Kreiter, M.Ed.,  CEO of Kreiter Creatives Consulting, is a Chicago-based presentation coach and creative consultant.  He offers storytelling and performance coaching, content creation, and design strategy to sales professionals and business leaders. With a warm, relationship-focused approach, Paul guides his clients to become a dynamic performer who leaves a memorable impression on their clients ensuring success and growth in their businesses.

Your presentation is an opportunity to differentiate from the competition and capitalize on business opportunities.

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Founder & CEO of eFlirt

"Paul Kreiter understood me quickly and taught me how to fully engage the audience."


Jeffrey Tambor
Award Winning Actor

"Paul's knowledge of speaking and more important, storytelling, is perfect."

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Sean Astin
Award Winning Actor

"Paul's approach to structure was what I really needed and he provided it. I would recommend him to anyone."

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Sr. Account Executive, Checkr

"Paul Kreiter helped me create more memorable experiences for large enterprise brands that turned into big wins. "


What Kind of Professionals Need Presentation Coaching?

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Business executives who have limited time but need to deliver high quality corporate presentations and high-stakes board room pitches.

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Public Speakers

To create confidence, stand out keynotes for TED talks , conferences, and other featured speaking opportunities as an industry thought leader, for the live stage and the ZOOM screen.

Working from Home

Marketing and Sales Teams

To build strong content strategy campaigns, deliver technical information to non-technical audiences, and sustain client relationships.

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A customized consulting experience designed around your needs and schedule.

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Presentation and storytelling strategies and tips delivered to the entire team.

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Virtual events and Demos

Training in best practices for technical and communication effectiveness for the virtual demonstration, pitch, or webinar.

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Creative brand and product story content delivered in image-rich PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slide decks.

This is personal training to hone your speaking and presenting "muscles" and develop your performance skill set. 


Through individual coaching, group trainings, and slide deck design, and ample rehearsal and practice, you'll find your voice and confidence, calm your nerves, and craft a clear, consistent, and organized story that showcases your subject knowledge and keeps the attention of your audience.