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"Back PockeT"

Clear guidance to find your message.

Intentional and logically crafted structure.

A story served to and for the audience.

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Ask any chef to create the perfect sandwich. Every ingredient must be carefully chosen to compliment and enhance every other.  Every choice is deliberate and necessary in order to assemble the most memorable culinary experience. This is the chefs gift to the diner.

The same philosophy should be applied to creating your "Back Pocket" brand story: each thought, every word and step must have a connection to the message.  The artful construction of a story is a gift served to the audience.  This is what makes an ARTISAN STORYTELLER.

Think of your "Back Pocket" material (personal or professional brand, keynote, product or sales demonstration, etc.) as a delicious, cheesy, gooey, meaty, veggie-filled sandwich.  From the first bite to the last, each part of your message builds upon the next and is crafted into a satisfying experience for the audience. 


PERFECTLY PLACED BUN: Purposeful moment (anecdote, key stat) that sparks the rest of your story. 


Intentionally layered content that complements

your introduction and transitions to your conclusion. 


Capstone moment that supports and concludes your message. 

See how "Building the Sandwich" can help you craft your message.* 

* A special thanks to friend and client Mike Veny, and video production team Brandy Sales and Steve Rogers ("The Cap'"), for this footage.
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