Virtual Reality

Certainly, this (picture of Michelangelo's David, to the left) is a sign of the times. COVID 19 has pushed us apart, has stressed our systems (academic, food and hospitality, healthcare, etc), and has laid out a very uncertain future for millions around the globe. It's an interesting time to be alive and be paying attention.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. If anything, this virtual reality has forced us to trim the fat, focus on what's really important, and appreciate the opportunities we have in front of us. We are extremely fortunate to have a powerful tool in the Internet to keep us connected; never forget this, or take it for granted. Take yourself on virtual tour of some of the world's most celebrated museums, to remember and appreciate all of those who have come before and inspired the world you live in.

Now is the time to make that video call to your colleague, client, and/or family member. Show them you're still human and make contact in the most direct and personable way you can.

Despite ridiculous pop cultural pressures to vastly self improve during the pandemic, the one thing you're going to wish you would have done during this strange time is work on your humanity and do more even if just to lay eyes on someone. Connect, collaborate with and confide in others; you;ll come out of this pandemic a different, stronger, and better person for it.

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