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Spring: The Season of Renewal

But does it really feel like that? Because many of us might argue that this Spring feels similarly to last, and like we're on a treadmill from hell!

There's no harm in admitting it's grim out there, with COVID 19 continuing to rage, and uncertainty as to how life will return to normal. And while it shouldn't take a pandemic to find the simpler truths in life, in the spirt of the spring and renewal, I posit there is no time like a difficult time to mine out and polish the good nuggets We have to make do with what we have; and while this means something different for everyone, the principle is ubiquitous. We have to "trim the fat" and look at things anew to find the leanest most meaningful things to hang on to and cherish.

Case in point, with so much time at home with my children, a few weeks ago my 5 year old son and I started and finished the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. If you haven't seen these films, WARNING SPOILER ALERT COMING. And, you should also know they are 3+ hours long, so not a terrible way to knock out a few hours with your kids with an adventure through Middle Earth. Thank you pandemic for having oodles of time with my eldest son.

Having read and enjoyed J.R.R. Tolkien's books, and loved the films by Peter Jackson, I find I am continually inspired by these stories' ability to show us that hope exists despite dire circumstances. Take this scene, from the second film The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. Aragon, a trained warrior, and Theoden, King of Rohan, along with their soldiers, and helpless women and children, are trapped in Helms Deep, awaiting certain doom by the overpowering evil armies of Isengard and Mordor. Enchanted by an evil ring, the attacking dark forces are planning on killing them all and destroying the world:

What can we do against seemingly insurmountably difficult times? Meet them head on, with courage, strength, and enthusiasm, and remember the tide will turn! Misery enjoys company, so let's not give COVID, 2021 any more opportunity for comfort.

And this is where your speaking skills/role comes into play. If you're granted an opportunity to inspire an audience, be them virtual or in person, take up that mantle with pride and conviction. And, while there's a popular notion out there that public speaking can be a scary thing, I'd like to turn that on its end to highlight the incredible joys and benefits public/virtual speaking can bring to speakers and audiences.

Think of all the good you you can do, even if it's only one person who walks away feeling inspired or grown intellectually.

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