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Shed A Little Light

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I Think We All Need A Break

Wouldn't that be nice. But sometimes (often times) we can't take one. So, I was thinking about the things (outside my family) that raise my spirits, shed a little light on the murky days. As storytellers, we need to stay focused and unearth any nuggets of positivity. And, we need to remember that we want to put/keep butts in the seats, because what is the point of performing without any audience? We storytellers live for you, audience. The show must go on!

So, in my attempt to fantasize about what I would want to do right now if:

  • My everyday DIY solo-preneur wasn't so damanding

  • I had full control of doing what made me happiest

  • I had a starry-eyed outlook on the future of my industry (talent management, live events) and direction of my country

I present to you a list of things that make me happy, and hopefully inspire you to get back on that horse!


James Taylor - Shed A Little Light Album: James Taylor Live (1993):

Relevant on many levels, as this song speaks to finding bright points in dark times, social justice, and finding a catalyst to enact.


Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, ME:

The location of my wedding Sept 29, 2012; 10 years this year!!


Boston, MA and Skowhegan, ME:

When we lived in the Boston area from 2007-2013, we used to walk everywhere...we'd spend a whole day, backpacks on, cross the Charles River from Cambridge into Boston, stroll the Seaport and Wharfs, head back over the Charles back to Cambridge for a romp around Harvard.

On weekends, we'd pack our bags and head north on I-95 out of Massachusetts, through a sliver of New Hampshire, and finally crossing into Maine on the Piscataqua River Bridge.

Then another 2 hours until Skowhegan, my wife's home town. Maybe a stop in Freeport along the way for a pic with the BOOT! Whatever makes my wife happy!


Ann Arbor, Michigan (graduate '03, '05):

I plan to go every fall; cool nip in the air during strolls through campus, a football game with 110,00 fans, excellent food and drink... #happysigh


Trane to Conamarra · Bela Fleck And The Flecktones Left Of Cool (1998):

This song just makes me feel good and calm. Best heard with headphones, it lulls and rocks me, often times to sleep.


The Tao of Pooh (1983) by Benjamin Hoff:

The Tao of Pooh is a NYT best-seller for 49 weeks straight, which explains the Chinese philosophy of Taoism through the characters created by A.A. Milne. It is a soft, easy, and peaceful read.


Anything pumpkin, spice, cinnamon, nutmeg. Apple pie, farmers markets, hot ciders, pumpkin coffee...

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