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It's The Little Things

In our everyday lives, we often glaze over the little things, the fleeting moments that breeze in and out so quickly they are hard to hold on to, especially with the other chaotic juggling we do daily:

  • That cute moment in the basement when the boys were sitting back to back, not bickering, and telling each other about their day.

  • When that nostalgic song comes on and it makes you cry because it brings you RIGHT BACK THERE ( F-you Maxell's cover of Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work." ).

  • We you see an elderly couple hold hands and mosey down the street to their favorite park bench.

Crap, hold on (leaves desk to find a tissue).

When I coach people, I urge them to be performers, not presenters. This is not a complete overhaul of your personality type or attempting to push you out of your current career and into the life of stage actor.

As with life, presenters often miss the little things they can do when they take the virtual or in person. These little things are what can transform a presenter into a performer:

  • Dress appropriately for the role: no business on top and party on bottom.

  • Do your homework: rehearse your presentation and any AV cues, incorporate the organization's mission and goals.

  • Talk to your audience, not at them: make eye contact, engage

  • Vary your tone: speak up when you're emphasizing a critical point, speak slowly when detailing.

  • Vary your body language: neither arms to the side the whole time or hands flailing all over the place will do; use your body as a performance tool.

These are not MAJOR installations; simply, minor tweaks, the little things that will get your noticed, remembered, and move a presenter from mediocre to great!

Please visit my site for more information and inspiration about your presentation possibilities:

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