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Identity Markers

There are moments in our lives that make a lasting impact on who we think we are: a rite of passage (birthday, religious ceremony), a trip to another city or country, meeting your life partner, experiencing the birth of a child. These seemingly momentous occasions, some joyous, others disastrous, can be profoundly affecting. But what if I told you your identity markers, how your label yourself (son, brother, cousin, co-worker, friend, enemy), aren't fleeting "once in a lifetime" experiences, but rather can happen daily, perhaps multiple times a day? It's a matter of perspective and a shifting of definition.

Take, for example, the difference between the YOU before your morning cup of coffee, and the YOU after. Wouldn't you say you take on a different identity?

How about the YOU pre-workout and post work out? Would you say you are YOU 2.0 on the other side?

How do you feel after catching up with a friend? Like a changed person, I bet.

Our identities can change constantly, and this is no different when you take the virtual or actual stage as a presenter, performer, or speaker. When you first walked into the auditorium to find get your bearings, or sat down in front of the camera's light to prepare for the virtual experience, you are Pre-Presentation" You. But when that audience takes their seat, and the camera's light flicks on, you must become "The Speaker." Whatever identity you were prior, "nervous preparer," "aggravated commuter," "hurried co-worker," is inconsequential; embrace the identity you must be and are in that moment. As they say, leave it all at the door, because your audience deserves a focused performer.

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