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5 Tips for Virtual Presentations: #5 Remove Distractions

Imagine taken from
Good luck trying to get anything done!!

Monitor is on. Link is working. Lighting is perfect. Sound and video looks great. So here you go to dominate your virtual presentation., buzz, bleep-blop, tweety-tweet, zonk, boing, rattle, vibrate, ring! And that's just from your phone!

Crap, you forgot to silence your office phone. Crap, the dog won't stop barking. Crap, my kids are rushing in and out of the room (wasn't that movie still on for them?!). Crap, Amazon is delivering your 9th package and ringing the door bell. No matter how prepared you are to do your virtual presentation, if your real world keeps distracting you, you'll never get anything done.

Presenter, while it isn't your fault that you got 58 binging emails into your inbox all at the same time, all of this is on you: REMOVE THOSE DISTRACTIONS!

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