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5 Tips for Virtual Presentations: #3 Lighting

I've written a few times about James Taylor's tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. with his song Shed A Little Light!! In the Fall of 2020 when COVID 19 was starting to make it's second wave, I was looking for a way to help you, and myself, find some glimmer of hopefulness in what was otherwise a pretty dark and difficult time; let's be honest, it still pretty dim.

But as Taylor, and MLK Jr. would tell us:

Shed a little light, oh Lord (shed a little light, oh Lord)

So that we can see, oh yeah

Just a little light, oh Lord. (just a little light, oh Lord)

Take this how you want, and though the song has a spiritual undertone, my intension is not to invoke your spirituality or religious beliefs. Rather, I want to take a very literal call to action from these lyrics, for you virtual presenter. You need to radiate when you're giving a virtual presentation. You need to be a burst of energy for your poor, tired virtual audience, who wants nothing more than to be inspired.

So, please, literally, take this advice: shed a little light...on that we can!:

Coming Up, FOUR:

Now That We Can See You, Lets Make Sure We can Hear You.

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