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5 Easy Tips To Your Improve Your Presentations-Number TWO: slow It Down

So you've mixed up your presentation hour with a 20-20-20 approach:

  • 20 mins for the keynote (the inspiration key story)

  • 20 mins for a moderated story that dives deeper into some of the meatier bits of the keynote

  • 20 mins for audience interaction (Q/A or an exercise)

But what good is a structured presentation if no one can understand you?

When we get excited about something we tend to speak animatedly about it, and quite quickly too. That kind of energy is important to have, but it can trip us up in our delivery and ultimately move to fast to keep our audiences engaged.

As a featured speaker, you need to take control of this powerful feeling, and slow down.

And this works in a virtual or in person environment.

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