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5 Critical Things You Must Do To Nail Your Virtual Presentation: Blog Series

Boy, do I miss sitting at a coffee shop, with my dark roast extra cream and a flaky pastry, banging away on my laptop. My home office is getting quite stale. Ach! And there's this awesome place just down the road from me in Highwood, IL called Tala Coffee Roasters,

that serves "sweet, beautiful coffees," and they really do. They have drinks with names like The Mermaid, described as "Our nod to the illusive beverage known as the 'Caramel Macchiato.' Made with espresso, steamed milk, bourbon vanilla syrup, and topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Yum! Sure, you can curbside pick up anything you like, but consuming one of their drinks in my lumbar supported desk chair holds no candle to their over-sized dark leather tufted furniture.

Thanks pandemic.

But what are we to do? This is our reality, so we have to make the best out of it. So, the churning and grunting of my Keurig is the new motivating music to my ears, and I glide into my home office chair and zippity do dah my way through the day. I, and you, have to keep moving forwards, and not let the obviously dubious circumstances throw us any more off track than we probably already are.

So, you're stuck with this virtual reality, but you still have to put your best foot forward. Your audience, even virtually, is still yearning to be educated, entertained, and inspired, and you, presenter, must still deliver. How can you do this from your home office/studio/what have you? This post, and the next four, are devoted to helping you understand the 5 critical things you must do for your next virtual presentation.


Tidy Up Your Presentation Space

A number of virtual apps/platforms offer a function to blur out your background or to make it appear that you're in some tropical island or a fascinating cityscape environment. This is not what I mean.

For a casual office meeting, or video chat with family or friends, fine. But as a presenter, you want to bring a sense of professionalism and also a sense of reality to your performance. Allowing your audience to see where you work and that you take care of your working environment will speak volumes to who you are and how you operate.

Tidy up your desk, close closet and office doors, position a poignant book collection or piece of artwork behind you associated with your subject matter, and that invites but doesn't distract your audience.


Dress for The Role

Yes, including pants! Coming soon. In the meantime sign up in my email list for exclusive content at

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